Top 10 Thai Food Blogs Serving Up Authentic Recipes & Videos

If you’re searching for Thai Food Recipes or you are looking to improve your Thai Food cooking skills then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve compiled the Top 10 Thai Food Blogs (in our humble opinions), so jump in and watch some of their videos. Enjoy!

Pailin “Pai” Chongchitnan’s Hot Thai Kitchen

Yes, one of the world’s best Thai food blogs is run by an authentic Thai person, Pailin “Pai” Chongchitnan, but not from sunny Thailand but rather from the coolness of Canada!

Pai grew up in Thailand before moving to Vancouver to study nutritional sciences.

After moving to San Francisco and then moving back to Vancouver, Hot Thai Kitchen was born.

Pai’s enthusiasm for her cooking is contagious and you’re going to love the recipes that she brings to the table.

We recommend her Gaeng Hung Lay which is a Northern Pork Belly Curry from Lanna. It’s awesome.

Mark Wiens’ Eating Thai Food

While other Thai food bloggers may be based away from Thailand, Mark Wiens lives and breathes Bangkok.

He also tours Thailand constantly seeking new ideas and new tastes.

There’s nobody on earth better acquainted with the way Thailand eats than Mark.

Much of his blog is about sharing reviews of the fantastic food that he’s encountered on his travels, but he also features some great recipes.

Check out his authentic Thai Basil Chicken – it’s absolutely fantastic!

Leela Punyaratabandhu’s She Simmers

If you want a thorough exploration of Thai food, then look no farther than Leela Punyaratabandhu’s top Thai food blog: She Simmers.

Leela is widely considered to be the finest writer involved in the Thai cookery scene and has won numerous awards of the years for her writing style.

We love the intelligence, wit and passion that Leela brings to bear on her subject and we’ve found that her recipes are simply the best.

She’s not just authentic but instead, delves deep under the surface of Thai food to give every dish a new lease of life. Check out her Baked Salmon in Lime-Coconut Cream Sauce for evidence.

Chawadee Nualkhair’s Bangkok Glutton

Chawadee is the author of the best-selling “Thailand’s Best Street Food: The Complete Guide to Streetside Dining in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Other Areas” and you can check it out here.

She is also the creator of Bangkok Glutton one of our favorite Thai food blogs.

It’s not the fanciest looking blog you’ve ever seen but her knowledge and passion for Thai food bring out the best in the country’s cuisine.

Let her explain the joys of Thai street food to you in this excellent article, Back to the Future.

Oh Happy Bear

Considered to be one of the best blogs in Thailand, Oh Happy Bear, focuses on the joy and simplicity of Thai cookery.

You’re going to find lots of recipes that are easy to make at home – though you may need to hunt for the ingredients, a little.

Or a lot, if you’re living in rural Kansas.

We find their take informative and we like the fact that they use a lot of video content; it means that it’s so easy to follow along.

Thai Food Master

Thai Food Master is so authentic that they provide their blog content in both English and Thai.

That’s a huge amount of work and respect to Hanuman the founder of the blog who has been permanently based in the country since 1989.

Thapakorn Lertviriyavit is the head chef and chief researcher for their recipes team and the work he puts in is amazing.

Check out this Goong Saawn Glin a Thai Royal Appetizer and see what Thai food can be like at its finest. You won’t be disappointed.

Austin Bush’s Austin Bush Photography

Austin Bush is, first and foremost, a photographer.

But he’s a photographer who can also write and one who is completely obsessed with the food of Thailand and, more specifically, the food of Northern Thailand.

In fact, he was a James Beard finalist with his book “The Food of Northern Thailand” which you can find on Amazon here.

His approach to Thai food is refreshingly simple and he brings a unique look to things as you can see in his piece on Sukkii Rot Kraba.

Sherri Pengjad’s Thai Foodie

Sherri’s blog is literally one of love.

She’s from North Carolina but she visited Thailand when she was younger and came home with something special – a husband!

Yes, her husband is Thai, and her blog was borne out of her love for her husband and for cooking his native cuisine for him.

They’re back in the US now but Sherri’s still talking about Thai food and we really like her recipes and her photography. Check out her Thai Fried Rice Omelette and see for yourself.

Rachel Cooks Thai

It’s been a little while since Rachel updated her blog and we’re hoping that she’ll be back soon because we love her twist on the culinary culture of Thailand.

Rachel is married to a Thai gentleman and since they met in 2002, she’s been trying to win his heart through cooking.

They were married in 2014 and had an amazing Thai buffet and she’s been sharing her passion for the food online ever since.

Check out her recipe for Pad Woonsen, Glass Noodle Stir Fry and see how good she is!

Pranee’s Thai Kitchen

Pranee Khruasanit Halvorsen is the writer and owner of Pranee’s Thai Kitchen.

She’s very much Thai but she’s based in Seattle rather than Bangok and she started blogging to get the word out about her Thai cookery school there which teaches over 1,000 students a year!

She acknowledges that her English isn’t perfect, but we think that adds to her charm, to be honest.

We think you ought to get to grips with her Nam Pla Prik, Spicy Fish Sauce, to make every Thai meal that you cook as authentic as possible.