7 Best Thai Food Recipes From The Land Of Smiles

Thai food recipes are easy to find on the interwebs as it’s a super-popular cuisine in the United States. [source: Vice]

We’ve put together this compilation of some of our favorite recipes for classic Thai food. Enjoy!

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The Best Pad Thai Food Recipes Cooked By Poo

Her name always makes people smile when they visit Thailand but Poo is one of the nation’s most famous chefs and her food is to die for.

Here she joins Jamie Oliver’s cooking channel to teach us how to make Pad Thai one of America’s favorite Thai recipes.

This is a quality meal perfect for a light lunch with friends.

Check it out now!

Do you know of any other chefs or dishes that sound funny to our American ears?

How To Make The Best Thai Tom Kha Gai Soup ต้มข่าไก่

Soups are often not a huge part of every day cookery in America. It’s a bit of a shame because they offer you the perfect chance to serve a light introduction to a meal or to prepare a meal that can last a few days for people to dip in and out of.

In Thailand, soup is a part of nearly every meal and Tom Kha Gai is one of our favorites. It’s so refreshing!

Check it out! And enjoy!

What’s your favorite soup?

Pad Kra Pao Moo (Thai Basil And Pork) Is A Thai Food Recipes Classic

One of the things I like a Pad Kra Pao Moo is that it’s very easy to prepare and while the Thai basil can be a little hard to get hold of, it’s not that hard to find if you’re willing to hunt around specialist retailers either.

This is a hearty, nutritious dish which gets into the soul of Thai cookery and it’s the perfect place to begin your exploration of Thai cooking!

Have you ever tried Pad Kra Pao Moo? Will you now?

Thai Red Curry Not As Fiery As You Might Expect

Thai food is famous for its heavy use of spices and you might expect their curries to follow suit.

In fact, Thai curries are only delicately spicy and perfect for sharing with your family as you try to broaden their tastes into something a little hotter than American food.

Kaeng Phet Daeng Kai is a huge favorite in Thailand and now it’s a smash hit in our home too!

Have you tried Thai curry before? Do you like it more or less than Indian curry?

Tom Yum Goong A Brilliant Thai Soup For Serving With Noodles

I love Pailin’s Kitchen, it’s full of top tips for creating exciting and exotic Thai recipes and their recipe for Tom Yum Goong is simply fantastic.

I take her tip and pour it over rice noodles in order to give it a sort of Pho (a Vietnamese soup) like quality.

But it’s just fantastic without the noodles too, so have it your way and be proud!

Have you tried Tom Yum Goong before? Do you think you will now? You should, it’s awesome!

Thai Fried Rice (Kao Pad) The Staple Thai Food

You can’t eat in Thailand without eating rice. They’re also passionate about their sea food and you can combine a little fried rice with a little crab meat and get a Kao Pad.

This is simple yet supremely flavorful. Once you’re tried it, you’re going to be hooked for life.

This has become one of those dishes that I love to throw together when I need to rustle something up on short notice.

What’s your favorite Thai food?

Som Tam Is The Spiciest Salad In History

If you visit Thailand, then you have to try Som Tam.

It’s a spicy papaya salad but it’s important that you let them know just how spicy you like your food when you order – otherwise it may be so fiery that you’ll think someone set off a bomb in your mouth.

It takes a while to learn to eat this as hot as the locals do. Trust me on this!

Have you ever had Som Tam in Thailand? How did you cope with the heat?

Taking A Street Food Tour In Thailand

Mark Wiens takes us to Petchaburi Soi 5 and introduces us to all the kinds of street food that you can try in Bangkok.

Most of the Thai food recipes above can be found being served up on the streets of Thailand.

Bangkok is one of my favorite cities in the world for food and it’s sad to say that the street food is slowly dying off as the metropolis tries to clear out its pavements for more traffic.

So, see what’s there and then book your flights!

What do you want to try when you visit Thailand? Do you think street food like this would be a good addition to other countries?

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