7 Amazing Thanksgiving Desserts Your Guests Will Thank You For Serving, Recommended By Baking Blogs

Thanksgiving desserts are sometimes an afterthought. With so much going on in the main courses of a Thanksgiving meal there’s usually little appetite left over for desserts.

In our home, we usually just offer serve-yourself ice cream options as my husband and the boys are usually groaning on the couch with their top pants buttons undone. Traditions! 🙂

We love desserts here at Kitchen Authority year-round but we get especially excited about them during holidays. We love to mess around with baking hacks and come up with new ideas.

Here’s some Thanksgiving desserts from top baking bloggers that would make a perfect final act for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Toasted Meringue Frosting

Top With Cinnamon is the brainchild of Izy Hossack. She’s a bespectacled food scientist. She crushes it with this Sweet Potato Cupcake recipe. (see picture above)

Izy says “With Thanksgiving coming up, we need some easy desserts in our lives!! I must admit that pie is not top of my list when it comes to baked goods (except for pecan pie, that is) and I know some people are averse to pie-making so these cupcakes are a perfect alternative!

Get Recipe: https://topwithcinnamon.com/sweet-potato-cupcakes/

Spiced Blueberry Crumb Coffee Cake

Farrukh from Cubes N Juliennes is microbioligist turned foodie. Her food styling and food photography is exceptional!

Farrukh says, “The beauty of blueberries along with the freshness of lemon zest mingling perfectly with the vibrant aromatic spices and crunch of walnut will keep you spell bound till you finish it.

Get Recipe: https://www.cubesnjuliennes.com/spiced-blueberry-crumb-coffee-cake-html/

thanksgiving dessert pumpkin pie

Pumpkin Spice Tiramisu

If you haven’t heard of Joy The Baker then it must be a very comfy rock you live under! The “Joy” in Joy The Baker is Joy Wilson, a self-described “Baker, Author, and Donut Enthusiast”.

Joy says, “I’ll tell you now that, as a former bakery counter girl at The Cheesecake Factory (heeeelllppp), I know my way around a tiramisu.  When I say I know my way around a tiramisu, please know that I mean, I would happily thaw out a tray of their frozen tiramisu and take the first, freshest slice all for myself.

Get Recipe: https://joythebaker.com/2017/11/pumpkin-spice-tiramisu/

Pumpkin Yummy Dessert

Michelle from Brown Eyed Baker delivers big time with this Pumpkin Yummy Dessert. It’s an unusual and simple recipe. And it’s delicious.

Michelle says, “Pumpkin Yummy Dessert is made like a dump cake, with a pumpkin pie layer topped with a buttery cake layer. A quick and easy Thanksgiving dessert!

Get Recipe: https://www.browneyedbaker.com/pumpkin-yummy-dessert/

This Vegan Cherry Rosemary Pie Is An Unexpected Thanksgiving Dessert

Bake and Destroy is a 100% Vegan food blog from Natalie Slater. Her blog features recipes inspired by punk and heavy metal music as well as junk food. And pro-wrestling!

Natalie says, “A couple of secrets to success: use less-sweet cherries, use tapioca starch instead of cornstarch because it cooks firmer, and use a slotted spoon when filling your pie to cut back on how much liquid you end up with.“

Get Recipe: http://bakeanddestroy.net/2018/07/vegan-cherry-rosemary-pie-part-2/

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Browned Butter Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

The recipes Tieghan from Half-Baked Harvest publishes on her blog are anything but half-baked. All hail Tieghan!

Tieghan says, “These cookies are simply the best. I know, I say that every time I make cookies, but really how could a cookie containing browned butter, maple toasted pecans, and semi-sweet chocolate chips not be the best?

Get Recipe: https://www.halfbakedharvest.com/browned-butter-pecan-chocolate-chip-cookies/

Gluten-Free Turkey Favors

This last recipe is not quite a dessert but we love it so it made the cut! It’s from the creative mind of Beth Hillson at Gluten-Free Makeovers.

Beth says, “Here’s a chance to play with your food and take some of the stress out of the hectic Thanksgiving holiday, too.  Even young children can make these treats.  Use them as favors and set one by each plate or fill a tray with these little birds and pass them out at dessert.  Either way, these turkey favors are sure to become part of your Thanksgiving tradition from now on.

Get Recipe: http://glutenfreemakeovers.com/2014/11/play-with-your-food-gf-turkey-favors/

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