The Amazon Basics Blender – Solid, Dependable But Not The Best Value Option

Yay! It’s Christmas Day, 2018 when this is being published and to celebrate, we’re going to be featuring one of my favorite kitchen devices – a blender. That’s because you can make awesome smoothies from Christmas pudding and brandy butter. Actually, I’m joking but I will start the day with a blueberry smoothie which will work much better.

The Amazon Basics Blender is a bit of a surprise, however. We’ve been really impressed with Amazon Basics so far and it’s clear that Jeff Bezos is aiming to take over the world in absolutely all areas of retail but… this is a mixed bag. As you’ll see.

First, A Smoothie

All that talking about other stuff has got me in the mood for a smoothie. And is it is the season to be jolly, I think we’ll check out the Christmas Smoothie challenge. Can they make a smoothie that tastes of Christmas? Find out here:

What did you think of their efforts?

So, The Amazon Basics Blender…

There’s nothing wrong with this blender. It looks, like all Amazon Basics products that we’ve seen, solid and dependable and fairly bland so that it will go in every kitchen, no problem.

But it’s more expensive than many other entry-level blenders and to be fair, there’s no good reason for this, it’s a reliable workhorse but so are many others which are 20-40% lower price. I suppose the big advantage is that this is an Amazon product and you know they’ll honor the warranty.

You can buy the Amazon basics blender here for a slightly higher price than I am comfortable with. Or, you can…

Enter To Win An Amazon Basics Blender.

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  1. I Wish I win it to my wife ,because I did not buy anything for her long time because I did not work ,that will make her very happy and my big family will be happy also ,Thank you(happy new year )

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