The Bonsaii 4-Slice Toaster: Best Low Budget Family Toaster Around

Toast has to be one of the handiest foods around.

It tastes great, it takes less than 5 minutes to cook and it’s OK to eat it at any time of day. Just don’t eat it in bed because toast crumbs are horrible in bed.

So, they tell me, anyway. I’ve forgotten what it was like to have time to eat breakfast in bed.

The trouble is that for young families looking for a new family toaster, 4-slice toasters are seriously expensive.

In fact, in many cases, it would be cheaper to buy 2 x 2 slice toasters which is ridiculous.

So, when I found out about this Bonsaii 4-slice toaster having a sensible price; I knew I had to test it for my readers. You can also read the results of our review of other toasters in our Best Toaster Guide.

Take advantage of great sale prices on the Bonsaii Toaster!

Toast Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

One of my friends said to me that she thought toast was boring. The kind of thing that you shouldn’t really eat except in emergencies.

I don’t agree, and I found a wonderful video to demonstrate why toast can be really interesting.

See? That’s how you make toast interesting. You stop thinking of it as burned bread and start seeing it as a starchy base for deliciousness! Yum.

Now, I want a slice of toast, but I am going to finish this review first.

So, What Did I Think?

The Bonsaii 4-slice toaster gets the job done. It has standard sized slots (so you need pre-sliced bread, ideally). It’s easy to calibrate to get the right level of preferred toastiness for your bread.

It’s not the prettiest of devices but when you consider how much more its competitors cost – it’s easy to overlook its plasticky exterior.

If you need to make toast for a larger family and you’re on a budget, you cannot go wrong with this toaster.

Take advantage of great sale prices on the Bonsaii Toaster!


  1. I hope i win i have 15 grandchild an 4 toaster will be great to have to make them all toast in the morning.

  2. I hope I win this toaster would be very convient for me making toast for a big family it would definitely save time . Besides I could use a new toaster. It’s stylish too.

  3. I really do hope I win It looks like a nice toaster and very convient you can not only toast two slices of toast but 4 slices and I could really use a toaster.

  4. I’d love to win this and throw my current toaster in the trash with great emphasis on ‘throw’.

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