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The Book of Burger by Rachael Ray – A True American Great Makes America’s Greatest Food

Rachael Ray is, for me, the best American celebrity chef there is. I love watching her take complicated cookery ideas and make them simple. She also makes a pleasant change from the abrasive harshness of the ever-present Gordon Ramsay.

And what could be more American than burgers?

Well, nothing according to the rest of my family. You can keep the apple pie and Coca-Cola as long as they can have burgers all day long. Sadly for their taste buds but happily for their hearts; that’s not going to happen.

Check It Out Y’All

So, before we get on with the book. Let’s see in practice that Rachael makes exceedingly good burgers. I love this gourmet recipe that she executes to perfection, including the presentation and my this is a tasty burger (to go as Pulp Fiction as we are ever likely to on Kitchen Authority):

Awesome, right?

So, What About That Book?

You probably don’t need a book to make a burger. McDonald’s do it just fine without a book. Even if the resulting product isn’t to everyone’s tastes. But you do need this book on burgers because it makes eating a burger much more fun than usual. I’m not sure why that should be but it is the absolute truth.

You can get a copy of Book of Burger by Rachael Ray for a very sensible price on Amazon.


  1. Our home has all kinds of Rachael Ray products in it and we even buy Rachael Ray pet foods. Would love to win this book on burgers

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