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The Great American Cookbook Delivers The Favorite Foods from Every State

America’s first real food journalist was Clementine Paddleford and her Great American Cookbook is a groundbreaking work. 

She set out to document the food heritage of every state in the nation and to bring together examples of that food so that everyone could try it.

Why We Love The Great American Cookbook 

The Great American Cookbook

In the 1930s it was rare for a woman to have work, let alone undertake as ambitious a task as Clementine set herself, and the result was a huge hit. 

Originally published as “How America Eats,” it was a best-seller for many years until the 1990s when it was allowed to go out of print.

Now, it’s been rediscovered and everyone’s plate will be glad that it has. 

Final Thoughts On The Great American Cookbook

This is a huge cookbook and it’s the sort of book that could accompany a whole year of culinary exploration of great American food.

Take your time and enjoy the tastes of New Hampshire and then compare them to California or Arizona. There’s no rush, make this your road trip of taste without having to leave home.

You can grab a copy online here.

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