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The Great Granite Ware Roasting Pan For The Tastiest Turkey

My family loves a fresh meal and they are keen to help in the kitchen when they have a few minutes spare. However, they all tend to have their own preferences at meal times and that can be a bit of a pain when you’re trying to make something for the whole family to enjoy.

There is one thing that they all agree on, though and that is “there’s nothing tastier on the face of the planet than roast meats and potatoes.” I know that it’s not the best diet food, but I agree with them. Roast dinners rock my world and I bet they rock yours too.

Roasting Is Easy Too

As long as you have the right roasting dish. It’s easy to roast your dinners. All you need is to choose your meat and potatoes, add a little fat and pop them in the oven. You should only need to turn them once halfway through and then you’re ready to chow down.

It’s not something that we do every day because the meat can be a little expensive if you roast too frequently but once a week, we like to have a big family roast dinner and sit around and talk about the day’s events and our family plans.

Now, You Can Win A Roasting Dish Of Your Own!

I said that you’d need a great roasting dish and I’ve picked the Granite Ware 18-inch Covered Oval Roaster because it makes roasting a chicken or a turkey so easy. It saved my bacon one Thanksgiving when my turkey wouldn’t fit in my old roasting dish.

Want a chance to win this roaster? Enter now.


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  3. I need to win this really BAD!!! I mean I need one to cook a turkey in, a deer roast, you name it I need it please!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  4. Haven’t we all seen this in our mom’s or gandmoms kitchen.IT was a staple for Sunday Roasts etc. I would love to have one in my kitchen as well.

  5. If only you’d see my roasting pan, it’s borderline antique. My mom bought it when she married in 1949, imagine it’s over 50 years old and so difficult to wash thoroughly. Thus, this pan would make cooking roasts/chickens, etc, so much more appealling!

  6. So…how do I enter the contest. Many many fond memories of past holidays with my family before losing so many them. I would love to have this roaster.

  7. 👉🎙is this thing on?? did this Giveaway end?? It’s been days and I’m losing entries because when you hit the enter now it takes me to Amazon give away and?? It’s been days and I’m losing a trees because when you hit the enter now it takes me to Amazon. Can someone please respond…

  8. Hello… the enter now link isn’t working. Keeps taking me to Amaxon.com to purchase. This is two days now 😞😞😞 anyone else having this issue?? Please help!!

  9. Would love to win this so we could cook some good food. Thank you so much for allowing me to enter this contest.

  10. there’s an issue with the enter now link, keeps taking me to Amazon.com and b t the entry page so I can put in my daily entry 😝😝😝 please help!! Thank you ✌😄💚

  11. Will cook a roast like my mom used to. She had one of these when I was child and I can still remember the smell of it cooking throughout our house. She has since passed on but I want to carry on that tradition. Thank you for this opportunity to have a chance at winning this piece of nice cookware.

  12. I really could get use out of this Pan as my grandchildren, my daughter and son-in-law are living with my husband and I; thus, we have many mouths to feed and this Pan would hold a lot of food. This really would help my husband and me so, so much. Thank you for the chance to win this. god Bless you.

  13. I have one that looks like that but it is a metal type. Yours is much much better. Thanks for the contest!!! Didn’t know they came in “granite”!!

  14. This brings back many good memories of my Mother cooking many delicious meats in a pan like this.

  15. My mom had one when I was young and I still remember the wonderful smells coming from our kitchen when she was still with us. This would be so nice to win in honor of my mom’s great cooking.

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