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The Happy Cookbook Is A Celebration Of The Food That Makes America Smile

I love to talk to our readers in these reviews but today for The Happy Cookbook I am going to allow an Amazon reader to start the ball rolling.

ACB says:

“They say if you buy a cookbook and find one “keeper” recipe in it, it was well worth your investment. There are many keepers in this beautiful book rich with memories and family history, so enjoyable written, that you just want to hang out in the Doocy Family Kitchen. You can tell the couple put their heart and soul into this project. The recipes are straightforward, and in most cases use items you have on hand. You can almost taste them as you read! Everyone can use this cookbook, but it is a must have for the person who enjoys personal, family, church, civic organization or American regional type cookbooks.”

The Happy Cookbook Is A Celebration Of The Food That Makes America Smile 1

Let’s Hear It In Song

No, I’m not joking. To promote the cookbook, Steve Doocy and his wife, decided that it would be a good idea to sing to would-be purchasers.

Somehow, their performance in The Villages was very well-received and you can see it here: I thought that was kind of sweet, to be honest.

Are The Happy Cookbook Recipes Good?

I take my metaphorical hat off to the Doocys. They are an unusual couple living constantly in the public eye and you might have expected them to coast when it came to their cookbook but instead, you can find a ton of really solid all-American recipes.

My family wants to eat their way through the book page-by-page.

You really ought to grab a copy of The Happy Cookbook: A Celebration of the Food That Makes America Smile as it is truly excellent value for money.


  1. Sure hoping I win that cookbook, as extra-special preparation for home-cooking deliciousness for my newlywed husband, after our December 23rd wedding!!!

  2. My mother’s cookbooks that I inherited were stolen. Since I’m getting married December 23rd, it would be wonderful to have this cookbook to assist me in creating great-tasting, hearty, delicious, home-cooked meals & comfort food for my husband throughout all of our wonderful lives together.

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