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The Proctor Silex 2-Speed Blender – It’s Got Plenty Going For It

It’s the middle of the month and it’s time for a blender review. Those of you who read Kitchen Authority regularly will know that I have a thing for blenders.

This is the 10th blender that we’ve reviewed on the site and that’s a milestone that we’re happy to celebrate. We’re going to release a little comparison piece in the next few weeks so you can see how they all stack up against each other.

For all our info on blenders see our big 2019 Best Blender Guide.

For now, I am looking at the Proctor Silex 2-Speed Blender and let’s talk about how it performed when tackling the all-important task of making smoothies in my home.

Clean With Ease

If you don’t know how to clean a blender and that’s putting you off buying one, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be a fiddly pain in the neck.

In fact, it’s surprisingly easy if you use this awesome hack:

Not so crazy, right?

So, How Did The Proctor Silex Measure Up?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong the Proctor Silex from a blending perspective. It made short work of my smoothies (as it should) and there was nothing wrong with the finished product.

However, I do have two minor complaints about this blender.

The first is that it’s noisy. I mean really, really noisy – much noisier than any other blender I’ve tested. Given that it’s not the highest power blender I’ve put through its paces; this feels like a design fault.

The second is that it feels a bit flimsier than some of the other blenders. I am not sure that the Proctor Silex is going to last more than a year or two before parts need replacing.

The price tag is pretty low though and on that basis,  I will recommend The Proctor Silex 2-Speed Blender. Check it out on Amazon here.

Win It!

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  1. I wood love to win a blender because it wood help me out a lot you see I have no teeth but if I can win a blender I don’t have to cut up my food like I have a blender it would help me out a lot so thank you for giving me a chance to win a blender God bless you and thanks again

  2. I dont have one, but would relish having one. I can imagine so many things I could make if I had one. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Harilysa Duarte

  3. I had to evacuate from Wilmington Tuesday, so I assume my blender is long-gone in the Cape Fear. Please let me have a new one.


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The Proctor Silex 2-Speed Blender – It’s Got Plenty Going For It 6
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