Toastmaster Mini Personal Blender is a Solid Choice

The Toastmaster Mini Personal Blender is a quality product but make sure you get it on sale as it’s priced just a bit high. IMHO.

You all know about my love of smoothies and that means that I am never one to walk away from the chance to try out a new blender. I put the Toastmaster Mini Blender through its paces and it showed up well with great performance.

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So, that’s where I found myself this week and I am happy to report that it’s a good product. It gets good grades from Consumer Reports.

The Toastmaster Mini Personal Blender is a strange beast. It’s not as portable as it could be but it’s also designed for “single use”. It would be a good “dorm-room blender” if I had kids that were college aged.

It works brilliantly as a blender (or at least my test version did) but you can get a larger comparable blender for less money.

For many people, however, this product will fit perfectly.

But First – A Ginger And Banana Smoothie

The humble banana makes a lot of starring appearance in my family’s smoothies.

That’s because they’re fairly cheap and naturally sweet, so you don’t need to add much sugar or honey to the final mix. They also taste fantastic.

I like this ginger and banana smoothie recipe I discovered on YouTube recently:

It really does come out that pink too!

So, The Toastmaster Product?

Well, the one I had worked brilliantly, and it even handled crushing ice without breaking a sweat (a very positive sign for a good blender ). I like this Toastmaster blender just prefer the sale price.

Just click Check Price below and confirm it’s on sale right now. My inner Frugal Mamma really likes to get this item on sale for the extra savings. If you want it the go ahead and try it out!


  1. The Toastmaster Mini Personal Blender is awesome product for making drink smoothies with any fruits to mix with any yogurts or ice cream which is delicious & good health for good share with family & kids. This would be nice to win. Thank you for showing me this products.

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