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Travel Juice Cup Portable Blender Review

Being a mom is so demanding. It’s even more demanding in the modern world where we’re always on the move. That means when you want to whip up some fresh baby food for the little one, you may not be near the kitchen.

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That’s why we recommended The Travel Juice Cup Portable Blender in our recent guide to blenders, though, we note you can still make smoothies with it too.

The Criteria

Size is easy to work out with this blender as unlike some of its competitors the size is marked clearly in increments on the side of the bottle.

This is good because it enables the blender to double as a measuring cup which is very important when you’re trying to get the ingredients right for your little one.

The power setting is 7 Volts, according to the manufacturer, and as we’ve observed elsewhere – this number tells you nothing useful. We can, however, say that it handles ice without any problem and that’s the most important facet of the power setting for a blender. The rest is just small talk.

This isn’t the cheapest blender on the market, but we do think that it’s got a fair price tag particularly when you take into account the build quality. It feels really substantial and even if baby were to knock it over, we think it would do fine. (Though, please don’t let babies near blenders).

It also takes a charge which means that you can use this blender anywhere even when there’s no power and we think moms should demand this kind of flexibility in all their kitchen equipment where possible.

Something To Try When You Buy This Blender

This may be smoothie heaven! It’s the perfect kind of smoothie to make for yourself when you’re on the move.

Try the Strawberry Avocado Smoothie and make the Travel Juice Cup Portable Blender earn its keep!


The Travel Juice Cup Portable Blender is our top pick for moms because it’s flexible, robust and makes working out how much ingredients to use very easy indeed. It’s not the biggest blender on the market but it is one of the best.

You can check the current price of The Travel Juice Cup Portable Blender on Amazon here.


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