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The VAVA Hand Blender Set Make Smoothies In An Instant

I will be honest, I prefer a standard bowl blender for making smoothies but sometimes, you don’t have space or you can’t face the washing up to use one.

Then you need a hand blender and I think I’ve found one that I really like for a sensible price.

Step forward the VAVA Hand Blender.

It comes with a whisk, and some other accessories to help you get the most out of owning a hand blender and it is very, very reasonably priced. I don’t think there’s a better value hand blender on the market, in fact.

(For more info on blenders see our 2019 Best Blender Guide.)

What You Need To Know

If you’ve never used a hand blender before, then the charming Susan Walker will walk you through it (no pun intended Susan, honest) over at the Cooking Guide.

There really isn’t much to it and once you’ve seen one in action, you’ll never wonder how to use it again.

This is a 3-in-1 blender which means it can tackle nearly every job you’d want it to – mixing, chopping, blending, etc.

What Did I Think?

I found the VAVA very simple to use, it tackled every job that I used it for with ease.

One thing I noticed was that the handles gave a very firm grip, I was never worried about losing control and injuring myself or spraying food over the kitchen (unlike with a previous hand blender, which shall remain nameless…)

I am going to say that it doesn’t feel as robust as more expensive models and you probably can’t expect the VAVA to endure forever but as a cheap, starter tool in the kitchen, it’s quite brilliant.

You’ll be able to really increase your output without any major expense. My friend Denise just bought one to make baby food with!

If you’d like to buy the VAVA Hand Blender you can find it on Amazon here.

If you’d like a chance to win the VAVA Hand Blender you can enter here. Enter now.


  1. It would be AWESOME to win a Hand Blender so i can make my Smoothie to get Healthy, and dont have to lend it out when ask for it Oh Mommy not finish useing it , so that means i dont need to use it only only my Kids do. so it would be Great to win one for my self.

  2. This would be perfect for my smoothies before work. My old blender is so loud It wakes my neighbor up. Lol

  3. I like to have a blender like that so it can be the easy way to have great smoothies and to keep working on to eat healthy life yes my goal is to work on my way to a better healthy life to get fit

  4. Stiring, mixing, blending, makes baking, frying and barbeque so much fun when you have friendly tools like these.lwould like to know them better .if you give me

    • Everyone’s drawn at random Brandie by computer. We have no control over which states win… but the more who enter, the higher the chance of being drawn. So, get your friends involved! Good luck.

  5. It would be so great to win this blender set. I have never seen these kind before and I don’t own any. Thank you so much for this great opportunity for a chance to win this nice product.

  6. I would so much love to win this blender. I have never seen this before. I bet it works wonderful. Thank you for this opportunity to enter this sweepstakes.

  7. Those are great tools for the kitchen.

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