Disney Toaster: The One Time In Your Life You Don’t Mind Finding A Mouse On Your Toast


I am only, partially, joking with this headline. A few years ago, I had a nice apartment on the ground floor of a building in the Cambodian jungle (seriously) and what I hadn’t realized was that we were getting nocturnal visits from a mouse that was finding its way in through our plumbing at night and then letting itself out again before we awoke.

I learned of this when I came home late one evening and went into the kitchen to make some toast. I dropped some bread in the toaster and clicked it down to toast. Then the bread and a mouse came flying out of the toaster before the surprised and slightly warm rodent ran away. I never used that toaster again unlike this Disney Toaster.

My Disney Kitchen Teaches Cooking

If you’d like to teach your little ones about the kitchen then this might be the perfect way to learn. My Disney Kitchen is a YouTube channel in which Disney characters learn to cook. Seriously, it’s great. Like this episode where they learn to cook spaghetti.

Awesome, right?

So, The Disney Toaster? Well, it’s a decent quality 2-slice toaster which toasts bread adequately, I could grumble about the lack of a wide setting but it’s not in the product description and at the price – wide settings are few and far between.

It also toasts a neat set of Mickey Mouse ears on to the surface of the bread, and unlike my Cambodian episode, that’s completely hygienic and safe to eat. Your kids will love this, and to be fair, so does my husband.

You can buy the Disney Toaster on Amazon right now but hurry stocks are dwindling!

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