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Italian Cookbook | Traditional Italian Recipes Made Easy Is A Taste Of Italy Anywhere

We love going around the world’s cookery schools to get the best food in our home. There’s nothing that we won’t try. Well… maybe we won’t try spiders from Cambodia, that’s probably beyond our threshold of acceptable but within reason, we love to try new things.

We also love to try a new take on a traditional theme and that’s where the Italian Cookbook: Traditional Italian Recipes Made Easy from Grizzly Publishing comes in. Everybody loves Italian and it can be refined into a true art form.

Italian Cookbook

A Quick Refresher In Italian Food

If you find that all the different forms of culinary art are all blending into each other, take a couple of moments to refresh your acquaintance with Italian food with this great video which covers some basics.

The old favorites are all well represented here, right? And they’re all so tasty!

So, The Italian Cookbook?

Italian Cookbook: Traditional Italian Recipes Made Easy is a solid and dependable approach to Italian food. This is the kind of cooking you’d expect to find in a home kitchen somewhere in Tuscany.

My family was really happy to go Italian for a week while we tried out the recipes. They’re keen for us to do it again too.

I think we’re going to be seeing quite a bit more pizza on the menu for the next few weeks.

You can buy the Italian Cookbook: Traditional Italian Recipes Made Easy online.


  1. This type cook book is a type of cooking my husband has wanted me to try. He loves my Mexican corn bread. Not real spicy but, a little more setteing to his stomach. He has found a broad made in a restaurant that we go to every month or two. I love this bread myself. They have the olive oil to dip this bread in. Very tasty. I’m not that kind of person that cares for olive oil. It is superb. Not sure of the spice that it contains. I’d love to have the recipe book to try these at home.
    All the best of cooking,
    Frieda Kay Treppard

  2. Oh I would love to add this cookbook to my collection and being part Italian I miss my Grandpa’s cooking as I was 12 when he passed. but some of the recipes stuck in my mind and I can replicate a few of them.
    He owned a Pizza Parlor and Bar in western Avenue in Chicago. oh I miss his cooking so much. Thank you for this opportunity for a chance to win this cookbook Thank you and Gods Blessings Cheryl Lynn Kiebler

  3. Would love to win this cookbook as I am Italian and French and love to cook from scratch. I am always looking for new and innovative ways to prepare some of the old family recipes. Every Italian Family has their own unique recipes. All are great!

    • I going to marry into an all Italian family n i dont know how to cook Italian.
      This book would help me so much. I dont have money for cooking lesons so please . Help me impress my to be husband thank uou so much gor reading this….

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