TTLIFE MACARON USB Rechargeable and Portable Blender: Make Smoothies Absolutely Anywhere

Living healthy is hard in a busy world. We all know it. Yet, you can make a healthy smoothie just about anywhere with the TTLIFE MACARON USB rechargeable and portable blender. And even if its name is a bit SHOUTY it’s one of our top picks in our recent Blender Guide because it’s just brilliant. This is why:

The Criteria

As with almost all culinary devices, size matters with blenders. There’s no point in picking up a device that simply won’t make a full smoothie and if you’re going to use a blender as your “go to” it ought to be able to a bit more than that. This is a portable blender and for a portable blender it’s pretty generous with the space in the cup but no, it’s not the biggest on the market either.

Power matters too. There are many different ways to measure the power of a blender; TTLIFE provides their numbers as 5200 mAh (milli-Amp-hours) which doesn’t tell you much. The important thing to know is that the TTLIFE product can tackle ice which low power blenders cannot.

You can’t help but look at the price of a product and one of the things we like about this product is that it’s relatively inexpensive. You’re not going to go broke for this and nor should you for what we think is normally going to be a second blender in most people’s lives.

The quality of construction is good and most importantly – this blender can be charged by USB. It takes a few hours to get to full charge but once it has been charged; you can literally use it anywhere. Going camping? This is the blender for you. Going to a football game and want to make healthy snacks at the interval? Win. And so on…

Something To Try When You Buy This Blender

It’s a classic but one of the best ways to see how your blender tackles ice – the frozen fruit smoothie. Of course, there’s a little twist with this recipe to make sure that you stay on top of your game!


The TTLIFE Macaron USB Rechargeable and Portable Blender is not the first blender everyone should own but it is the second. Smoothies anywhere at any time is just too good to turn down. It’s a top quality product that’s built to last.

You can check the price of the TTLIFE Macaron USB Rechargeable and Portable Blender on Amazon here.

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