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The Vatican Cookbook

Ever wondered about the favorite dishes of popes and saints? Curious enough to learn the dishes served at the Vatican table?

For those who love to cook meals with family and friends, and for those who are fascinated by the history of the Vatican, the Pontifical Swiss Guard offers you The Vatican Cookbook!

The Vatican Cookbook consists of different and unique collections of exceptional recipes served in the historical Vatican.

Vatican Cookbook Review

Over 80 recipes included from simple ones to sublime, from everyday meals to holiday feasts. Classic! But remember, pray first before you eat.

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Cooking At The Vatican

Ever wondered what it’s like to cook at the Vatican?

Well, it’s something like this…

About The Vatican Cookbook

MaryAnn on Amazon is a fan:

“What a beautiful book! The photography is superb! The recipes are not only divine but they are simply delicious. My husband purchased this cookbook for my birthday and I have nothing but praise. Either for yourself or as a gift, ‘The Vatican Cookbook’ will not disappoint.”

You can buy The Vatican Cookbook by the Pontifical Swiss Guard on Amazon.

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  1. This cookbook would be great to have. I think cooking some of the same recipes that are favorites of the Pope would be fantastic. What a wonderful addition to my meal planning that would be.

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