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Wine Salt From Jacobsen Salt Company

OK, today is an unusual day for us at Kitchen Authority. We’re not reviewing a kitchen implement or gadget but rather… a new kind of seasoning.

Well, not that new, but something that most people won’t have encountered or used in daily life before.

That is wine salt. That is salt combined with an extract of pinot noir (the wine/grape) which is used to act as a different kind of flavor enhancer when you’re cooking.

I found it worked best with meat dishes but you may find other uses for it too.  (Some people, for example, use it for bath salts)

You Can Make It Yourself

If you like the idea of using wine salt but you don’t like the idea of paying for it from a company; it’s pretty easy to do.

POPSUGAR food has a very sensible video that walks you through the process and leaves you with a huge batch of the stuff.

Pretty easy, right?

So, About the Jacobsen Salt Company’s Offering

It’s really good. I think that it’s the perfect way to try wine salt. I found that it gave a distinct edge to my dishes and I was really pleased with the outcome.

However, I am going to be straight with you – I also made some wine salt using the method above and got roughly the same results.

So, buy this and try it but if you’re going to use wine salt a lot – I think making it yourself is more fun and it’s just as good.

But that, of course, is your call.

You can buy the Wine Salt from Jacobsen Salt Company on Amazon, right now and I promise, it won’t break the bank.


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