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Is This The World’s Hardest Omelet To Make?

Everything is hard to make when you don’t know how, right? But this Japanese Amaterasu omelet really does have a justifiable reputation as tough to make. Really tough. See how Andrew of Tasty magazine fares when he tackles this challenge:

Have you ever made one of these? How did it go?


  1. I’ve made these before, although I’m still working on perfecting mine. I do prefer the egg a little better cooked so I don’t fold it up in the pan like this, but basically just keep it covering the bottom of the pan. I flip it over to make sure it’s cooked through and then just slide the omelette over the rice and “tuck” the edges under if it is bigger than the rice. My daughter prefers ketchup on ours as that’s how she ate it over in Japan. I love making Japanese dishes and have several specialized pans just for it, including a tamagoyaki pan (rolled omelette), taiyaki (fish-shaped pan for making festival pastries filled with red bean paste), and even a takoyaki pan (octopus puffs you drizzle with takoyaki sauce and sprinkle with bonito fish flakes). Fortunately, we have a huge Japanese market not far from us and not only can I buy everything I need (it’s where most of my specialized pans came from), but there is a food court where we can eat many traditional Japanese foods.

  2. Wow!! That was incredible and made me laugh, smile AND salivate for one… OMGoodness that looks delicious!!


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