YEDI DIgital Grill Is The Best Sandwich Maker Ever

The YEDI gets high marks in our round-up of the top sandwich makers. It’s far and away the best machine for sandwich lovers.

Let’s take a look at what makes this product so special.

YEDI DIgital Grill Is The Best Sandwich Maker Ever 1

The Criteria We Use

We find Panini Press style sandwich makers to be the most flexible in nature. You can put any kind of bread and any kind of filling into a panini press and it’s going to handle it fine.

It does mean that your sandwiches don’t get sealed, as they would with an electric sandwich maker, but it’s a small price to pay for the flexibility.

This YEDI 6-1 Digital Grill is a big sandwich maker. It’s the perfect choice for a young family with some hungry mouths to feed. This is an important consideration when buying a sandwich maker but one which needs to be balanced with the space that you have.

The YEDI might not be the perfect choice in a tiny home, for example.

The plate quality is also important. Cheap plates end up scratching and food sticks to them. The YEDI offers top-quality plates and you can, as long as you’re careful with them, expect a lifetime (or near enough) of wear out of them.

The overall build quality of the YEDI is also rock solid. There’s no lock on a panini press but there are hinges and these are solid metal creations. This means that you’re not going to break the product easily.

The bonus with the YEDI 6-1 Panini Press is that it comes with additional plates so that you can turn it into a waffle maker and a griddle!

That’s a big deal because it hugely extends the functionality of the product.

If you want to put this awesome machine through its paces. Check out our favorite toasted sandwich recipes here.

Last Word on the YEDI Digital Grill

The YEDI 6-1 Digital Grill is more expensive than most of its competitors but it’s worth it because it’s a quality product, which can handle the food for a whole family and brings a bunch of additional functionality to the table.

You can check the current price of the YEDI 6-1 Digital Grill online.

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