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You Ate The Burger, Now Eat The Box

That probably sounds like madness but it’s not. You will soon be able to eat the packaging that your food comes in. Check it out:

Would you eat the wrapping for your food? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Yes, I would definitely eat the wrapper as long as it had no odd texture, or didn’t taste terrible. It’s interesting, new, convenient, and we’d have far less packaging waste which is great for the planet. This is a good idea in my book. Also, would be great if it was cost effective as well, so we don’t notice a price increase on our foods.

  2. Absolutely. As a kid living in Japan I used to love eating botan rice candy and enjoying the rice paper wrapper as it dissolved in my mouth. it was like magic to a little kid because celophane wrap wasn’t edible, but this sort of looked like it. The milk casein protein wrap looks just like the edible rice paper.

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