Top 14 Yummy Food Blogs on Pinterest

We’ve put together this list of food blogs and their respective food bloggers with one thing in mind: Yum!

By definition, food blogs are all about “yum.” I don’t think your Pinterest account would do well if you focused on “yuck.”

But where did the word yum come from?

Yum, and it’s culinary opposite, yuck, are no doubt oneomatopoeic words. The Senegalese word for food is “Nyami” – which sounds pretty similar after a glass or two of Pinot.

My kitchen thesaurus* suggests these alternatives:

Tasty, delectable, luscious, savory, good, appetizing, choice, palatable, flavorful, well-prepared, well-seasoned, well-done, spicy, sweet, rich, succulent, toothsome, nice, exquisite, dainty, delicate, distinctive, ambrosial, heavenly, tempting, enticing, mouth-watering, nectareous, piquant, gourmet, epicurean.

Each one of those words makes me hungry. So follow along as we look at the best yummy food blogs on Pinterest and beyond!

Yummy Family Food

Yummy Family Food is run by Amy. She’s a Recipe Developer, Writer and Mother. Kind of a hero, really.

Her passion is helping families eat really well without any stress or drama. Her sister site is on this list as well. It’s double the Yum!

Yummy Toddler Food

This is the original site created by Amy from Yummy Family Food. She is all about the yummy food for kids.”

From picky eating, refusing to eat, only eating favorite foods, food allergies, and everything in between, Yummy Toddler Food is here to help. Our little people have big opinions and big emotions—and feeding them can be a serious challenge.

Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum is the uber-food blog of our era. It’s run by a couple – Lindsay and Bjork – who crushed food blogging so well they are now thought leaders in the food blog niche. Their Food Blogger Pro is an essential online course for anyone who has a hankering to blog about food and be a success.

The Pinch of Yum Pinterest page gets over 10 Million+ views per month. They do everything right.

Show Me the Yummy

Show Me the Yummy is an awesome food blog focused on one thing and one thing only. Yum! It’s run by a fellow named Trevor and a gal named Jennifer and they live in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina with their dog Teddy.

House of Yumm

House of Yumm is the brainchild of Serene. She’s an awesome recipe developer and photographer. Plus a mother to 5! This site is all about family yum!

Yummy Mummy Kitchen

I think Yummy Mummy Kitchen is run by Marina Delio. At least that’s the name in the email addres on the site. It was inevitable we’d have a site using the phrase Yummy Mummy. I find it an annoying term but don’t you dare suggest I’m an Un-Yummy Mummy!

To be fair, it’s a great site focused on sharing and celebrating real plant-based food. Her 20 Best Green Smoothie recipes has some gems on it.

Yummy Healthy Easy

Jen is the head honcho down at Yummy Healthy Easy. Jen, her absurdly handsome husband, and her “four crazy boys” all live and eat in Southern California. Lucky!

Jen is a stay-at-home mom with a deep passion for baking and cooking. The focus here is on simple, healthy family favorites. She nails it!

Tasty Yummies

Tasty Yummies is about health and lifestyle hacking and design. The founder, Beth, is a true wellness warrior and shares her transformative stories and wisdom with an open heart and kitchen.

Honestly Yum

This blog is run by a company with professional editors and photographers. It shows. It’s freaking lovely.

“a food site so amazing, so elegantly organized and brilliantly photographed that it gets stuck in our heads…”


It’s Yummi!

This easy, everyday recipe and cooking tips blog run by Bec is perfect for beginners. You can check her out on Pinterest. Well worth a visit!

She also shares helpful tips on living well that she calls her Bites of Life.

OMG! Yummy

OMG! Yummy is a virtual kitchen table – come right in and enjoy the enthusiastic storytelling and lots of recipe inspiration. Also check out her group: Welcome to Tasting Jerusalem , a virtual cooking group started in 2013 to explore the unique flavor profile and recipes of Middle Eastern cuisine through the lens of Jerusalem.

Sparkles of Yum

You have Trisha to thank for this wonderful Food Blog. It’s all about yummy recipes for yummy food all enjoyed old fashioned style with friends and most importantly, family! It’s as they say: Mostly easy, always yummy!

3 Yummy Tummies

3 Yummy Tummies is the all about having fun and experimenting in the kitchen. And a husband named Garrett who cleans everything up. Great new yummy recipes each week! It’s go-to for new ideas for brunches, desserts and cocktails.

You have to try the Slow Cooker Beer Chili with the turkey option. It’s perfect!

Yum & Yummer

“I believe one of the greatest joys in life is cooking for the people you love.”


Grace Podleski of Yum & Yummer and LooneySpoons fame is described as the “mad scientist of healthy cooking”. And it all started with an Easy Bake Oven. Grace lives in Canada with her rescue dog, Rico.

Yum & Yummer is amazing! I am a huge fan! She had me at Canada!

END NOTE: I watched/listened to Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy by the Wiggles while I was writing this article. That may explain some things.

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