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The 3 Essential Types of Spatulas

types of spatulas

Even professional chefs can get confused by spatulas and it’s not rare to walk into a restaurant kitchen and find someone using a spatula in the wrong way, creating work and possibly risking people’s health….

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Are Onions Vegetables Or Fruits?


The simple onion is ubiquitous! There’s practically no school of cuisine in the world that doesn’t utilize healthy onions in their regionally tasty recipes. Many chefs eve cultivate their own onion bulbs in kitchen gardens….

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Grilled Cheese Kitchen Cookbook Review

a grilled mac and cheese sandwich split in 4 parts

We have a strong relationship with toasted sandwiches here at Kitchen Authority. In fact, our first Kitchen Authority Guide was for sandwich makers. However, we think Heidi Gibson takes things to a whole new level…

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A Guide To Bread Makers We Love In 2023

breadmaking guide photo

Our search for the best bread makers was a sacred quest of sorts. We’re sandwich fanatics here at Kitchen Authority and we like to get the bread right. Bread is a glorious foodstuff. It can…

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